Flashback Friday {February Decor}

Well guys here is an oldie but a goodie for ya today…why is it a goodie? Well because I still do this, I just changed my hurricane docor to exactly this after Christmas!

Well first off I never showed you what I did with my hurricane decor for the holiday season, so here you go. Pretty simple just some Christmas Balls:

But just last night I changed it up for February. I’m not big in to decoration for every holiday, I don’t have the space, time or the money So I wanted this to be some what generic so I could leave it in there for a while. I started with these:

Best part about these, I got them from the 80% off Christmas clearance rack at Michael’s. The most I paid for any one item was 59 cents! I bought more Christmas balls than are in this picture just so you know. I didn’t use every thing but I really like how it turned out.

I used a nail clipper and a wire cutter to cut of the Christmas balls hanging wires and to make some of the items shorter ( the orange spirals, and the bird.) You can also see the detail on the balls here I got them in fuchsia, bright purple and light purple.

I really liked the bright color trend that was out for Christmas the last few years but didn’t have the guts to buy into it. This is my way to use some of those fun colors without spending too much money.

So what do you think? Does it say valentines day without being to over the top?

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