Husband Challenge {Protective}

What is it?

This world is struggling with marriage, divorce rates are high and negativity is rampid. Once a month I would like all of us to take time to recognize one thing, just one thing, we love about our spouse/fiance/boyfriend, whatever!

What I love about Mac this month is his protectiveness.

Is that a word? Protectiveness? oh well it is now! I love how protective Mac is, sometimes maybe a little over the top….like when I forget my phone at home. But always looking out for me. When I slipped on the ice this week I knew he would be concerned, in fact its because I knew he would be concerned that I called my Midwife, I probably wouldn’t have if not for him. Everything turned out fine, I’m a little sore and bruised but fine.

I just loved knowing that he would be concerned for me, its just so nice to know that someone loves you so much they want to make sure your ok.  I just wish he was so concerned he brought me a brownie earthquake….

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