Exercise check in, still going strong?

First of I had a question the other day about finding a good running shoe, here is a post I did a while back just on that subject.

 Now for the check in, how is your 2013 going? Are you keeping up with your goals?

I’m doing pretty good,  I think I’ve hit my 90 min of ‘focused movement’ as I discussed in my Health/Fitness Aspirations post a while back. 3 of 4 weeks I got the full 90 min from actual exercise, but 1 week it was a combination of exercise and projects around the house.

I think I’m doing ok at gauging lazy vs tired…but I tend to think I”m being lazy most of the time, at least I’m trying to figure it out and not just pushing through all the time. I’ve shortened my workouts at least twice when I decided I really was tired not just lazy, and once I”ve just skipped it altogether.

So how about you? How are your goals going so far? Please let me know I want to hear from you and encourage you, I can’t do that if I don’t know who you are 😉

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