Thoughts on Thursday {Mistakes Happen}

Ok here are 2 silly things that happened this week that in months or years past would have been a point of contention for either Mac or I.

  • Tuesday I forgot my phone on the counter when I left for work. No big deal right? We lived without them for years we can go without them for a day…right? Well yes, however I live in Minnesota and this week we have had some of the coldest days in history…plus I have a wonderful loving husband who wants me safe and wants to know that I’m safe.
  • Today Mac forgot all his food (breakfast and lunch) at home on the counter. I know this seems silly but I’ve had MAJOR $$ issues in the past and the fact that he has to buy both lunch and breakfast at work…at the airport (umm expensive?!?!) would have been very upsetting in the last year or two.

However this week….nothing. We have both realized that mistakes happen and it will be ok . Tuesday I made sure to e-mail Mac when I left work and remind him I had a few stops to make on my way home so he wouldn’t worry when I was late. Done, no problem Mac didn’t make a big deal about it and neither did I, it was great.

Today when Mac called me and asked me to put some of his food back in the fridge and let me know what happened, I just said thanks for letting me know and pick healthy food 😉  I didn’t loose it, or tell him he had to use his fun money. In fact I was thinking…hey now I have an excuse to order lunch one of these days…

Mistakes happen and most of the time we know that, but when a mistake overlaps with a trigger point (safety, money) it can become a problem. Try to remember that these too are just mistakes, not intentional.

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