Staying green while internet shopping

I would dare say most of you who read this do some shopping online, just a guess but I think its a fair assumption. Here are some general tips (and later on some specific ones for a few bigger retailers) on how to keep your online shopping green.

  • Take advantage of bulk shipping, IE everything in one box. Typically you get a cost break too!
  • Buy used whenever possiable
  • Make a list of what you need and try to use the same seller and combine shipping.
  • Shop local online when possible, Freecycle, Craigslist and there are even some local For Sale/Trade/Barter groups on Facebook.


Here are some specific hints for some of the biggest retailers:


  • When able buy used.
  • Try to buy things that are sold by the same seller. When possible I stick to Amazon so that I have more control over the shipping.
  • If you can pick Free Super Saver Shipping, this will automatically group your shipping order
  • If that isn’t an option select whatever method you want (personally I think ground is the most Eco-efficient method plus if you pick standard then you get these options:

Choose Group my items into as few shipments as possible!


  • Buy used if possible
  • Pick the slowest shipping option, this gives the shipping company time to find the most efficient route.
  • If your looking for the same type of items look within the same seller and see if you can group shipping. If this is an option is typically listed right in the description of the item, if not you can always ask!


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