Supporting a healthy spouse.

My husband is a pretty active guy if you consider the fact he has a ‘desk job.’ In years past he had been involved with softball, hockey and paintball which pretty much takes us year round. However past injuries have made it hard for him to truly exercise the last few years without more injury.  Its been a crazy cycle of exercise, injury and rest.

During that whole time he has seen my success and had done a TON of research in to healthy foods, exercise plans and such. Over time we have been switching back to more whole foods and less dining out however that alone won’t do it…so last week Mac completed week one of his new exercise routine.

I really like the concept of this routine and I think it will be a good one for him to help build muscle and strength in those weak areas while still doing some cardio/fat burning. 2 days a week (back to back) he does strength then rests for a day followed by 2 days back to back of cardio, then 2 days of rest. This combined with our efforts to cut gluten and carbs, make sure we are eating whole foods as well as balancing our diet (ie eating more veggies.)

But I’ll admit the eating SUPER healthy thing has been a little challenging because while I eat healthy 90% off the time I do have some cravings and lets face it you don’t want to deny those. Luckily so far they are things like frozen yogurt (hey it could be Cold Stone ice cream) but hey even though its better than ice cream its still not great…. So how can I support Mac more?

  • Make sure he has the ability to workout, I know that Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday he needs to have 30-60 min of free time to do his workouts. I want to make sure he can by taking care of a few things around the house.
  • Encourage and help make healthy meals and snacks. I can help by making sure some snacks are easily available like cutting up veggies or other things that take a little prep.
  • Keep my cravings to myself as much as possible, eat them at work or on my own.
  • Keep working out and eating healthy myself, that way its easy to continue to encouraging him!
  • When he wants to eat something unhealthy don’t nag…but do encourage reasonable portions.





One thought on “Supporting a healthy spouse.

  1. I think it’s great you are showing your support for Mac and his new workout routine. I know I was really grateful to Jason when I wanted to eat healthier and he tried to eat healthy with me to show support. Have you ever considered maybe working out with him once or twice a week? It might be a nice activity for the both of you to do together since you can encourage each other as well as spend some time together too.

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