Thoughts on Thursday {1st Date}

Well I said I wanted to have more date nights and this week we had our first one of the new year! I found an amazon deal for a local restaurant that included drinks (tea but hey we normally stick to water because I’m cheap) an appetizer, and 2 entrees for a steal, I snapped it up and told Mac that I wanted to have a date.

Mac was excited about the idea too its been a while since we have gone out purely to enjoy each other not to grab a quick bite or because we didn’t want to cook.

So Tuesday night we had a date. As always navigating downtown was a little tricky, too many one ways. But we arrived and had a great night. We talked, enjoyed a meal where we weren’t deciding what to eat based on price, and had a great night!

I can’t wait to do it again! I won’t lie it was kinda awkward, we really didn’t know what to do with each other but I know as we keep doing it and make it intentional we will remember how to date again.

One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday {1st Date}

  1. This post is just too cute. I love how you said it was awkward because I totally know how you feel. Jason and I don’t go on “dates” that often either but every now and then, we would take a day off and while E is at school, we would go and do something together. Normally, it’s just going out to eat at a restaurant we’ve been wanting to try for ages or checking out a new shopping center that opened nearby. It feels great being able to go somewhere with him and hold hands and talk about random things without a third person constantly interrupting us.

    The funny thing about our dates is that we always end up talking about E a lot of the times. Our lives have revolved around her so much that NOT talking about her makes our conversations weird. It really makes me wonder what we use to talk about before we had kids 🙂

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