Natural Skin Care {Face Wash}

For a number of reasons my skin care line has wavered back over into chemical land nothing too bad really it was a Mary Kay botanical line. But not great either. Plus I didn’t see a noticeable change in my skin condition so why continue? So I’ve decided to change back to a natural skin care system. I’ve decided to break this down in to steps to make it easier:

  • Step 1 all natural soap and only wash when needed.
  • Step 2 Find a natural moisturizer before I run out.
  • Step 3 Look in to make-up alternatives to support the natural soap/moisturizer.

First off in the interest of not buying more stuff what did I already have on hand? After looking in my ‘soap bin’ (its so nice to have the closet organized) still had some of my Apple Valley Naturals Face Soap in the closet. PS I don’t get anything if you buy from them they are just a good local company for me and I like to promote good 😉 So anyway, I went back to natural soap, I’m still using a brand name moisturizer but I’m doing some research on that. I wanted to use up what I have before buying something new.

Secondly I am not washing morning and night anymore, only after wearing make-up and after working out. That’s it, so far I haven’t noticed and increase in oil in fact I seem a little dry. That might be the weather but hey whatever works.  I’m convinced that stripping the oils more often (ie washing day and night) was increasing my oil production.

Things to look for in your natural wash:

  • Do you know all the ingredients in the product?
  • Do any of  the ingredients say some thing like for color or added for fragrance? If so those are added and unnecessary ingredients.

Honestly I know it seems simple but that is about it.

So what about you? Do  you wash your face morning and night? Just after sweat sessions, Only after make-up? What is your routine? Also do you have any natural facial cleansers you suggest I try once what I have is out?

2 comments on “Natural Skin Care {Face Wash}

  1. I actually don’t use face wash since I don’t wear any makeup so I don’t have any advice to share…. but the increase in the oiliness of your skin might actually have to do more with your hormones right now than anything else.

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