Vinyl Storage Box

 I’m trying for probably the 5th time since moving here (ahem 3.5 years ago) to get my office in order. Its basically a wide hallway that I have taken over. I’m trying to organize as I go this time so hopefully it sticks.

Wait till you see my purge pile I made last night….I’m pretty proud.


See those drawers under my desk? No not the nice cabinet ones the plastic ones, that is some random storage right now but the top drawer holds my vinyl sheets. When they come, I unroll them and cut them into 6×12 sheets because that is the largest size my machine uses.



I found a shoebox that my vinyl fit in nicely and started cutting out some tabbed dividers. Since my vinyl was 6 inches I cut them 6.5 inches and then trimmed them down to 6 inches leaving a tab behind.





I then decided to round the corners on the tabs, just because I wanted to 😉


Then I covered them in small scraps of vinyl that I traced around to match the tabs perfectly, once for each color group.


Lastly I covered it in polka dot vinyl and added the word Vinyl, there is no better way to transfer words evenly than with transfer tape.


All done I really like how it turned out, scraps in the back, and its all healed up by my transfer tape roll.


All tucked away in its drawer.




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