2013 Aspirations {Faith}

Ok so this week I’m going to walk through my Aspirations for 2013 in each of the major areas I talk about on the blog:

    • Health/Fitness
    • Marriage/Family
    • Crafting/Projects
    • Simplicity/Green
    • Faith

Tuesday I told you that my word for 2013 is better. I don’t mean it in the crazy I must be better than everyone else sort of way but more of the, make better choices, do better than last year sort of way. I hope that become clear as I walk through my faith aspirations for 2013.

This year I only have two goals in my faith area and they go hand in hand.

Be better about my time studying God’s word. I’m sad to say almost anything I do this year will be better than last year. Did I ignore God last year, by all means no, was I studying? No I was absorbing and listening but not studying.

Trust that God knows what he is doing better than I do and stop taking over his job in ‘making things happen.” I would be a lot less stress if I didn’t try to control EVERYTHING…..

That’s it! They sound simple but I honestly know neither one will be…I have a decent start though! I’ve began reading this book:

The Beautiful Ache By Leigh McLeroy

It came highly recomended by a friend and I bought it….2 years ago…yikes. But I’ve started reading it and have already found a quote I’m going to do something with, just don’t know what yet. So I’ll leave you with that:

 “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.” C.S. Lewis

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