2013 Aspirations {Simplicity/Green}

Ok so this week I’m going to walk through my Aspirations for 2013 in each of the major areas I talk about on the blog:

    • Health/Fitness    
    • Marriage/Family
    • Crafting/Projects
    • Simplicity/Green
    • Faith                     

Yesterday I told you that my word for 2013 is better. I don’t mean it in the crazy I must be better than everyone else sort of way but more of the make better choices, do better than last year sort of way. I hope that become clear as I walk through my green and simplicity aspirations for 2013.


Lets start with what will be in my opinion the easy one for this year. When shopping if its in budget make the better (greener) choice. I’ve got at least 3 rooms to paint in the next few months and I intend to use Zero VOC paint for all of them. I also have 1 room that needs furnished that I hope to fill via Craigslist and garage sales. Those are the ‘big’ things coming up but there is also the matter of clothes, cleaners, food, I’ll be talking about all of that through out  the year as I’m making my better choices.

This next one is a little harder but its both green and simple. I want to do better and buying less. For the most part we don’t need more stuff, and by not buying stuff just for the heck of it we are not encouraging the production of it. Plus we are creating more simplicity in the home by not having more stuff to clean up and deal with.

I think the first goal here is pretty broad and will encompass many parts of life so I’m going to stick with just these two aspirations for this category.

  • When shopping if its in budget make the better (greener) choice.
  • I want to do better and buying less.


One thought on “2013 Aspirations {Simplicity/Green}

  1. I don’t know if you know this but in the two of the paragraphs say the exact same thing.

    Good craiglist/garage sale tip. I will have having a lot of rooms that will need to be filled come spring!

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