Polar Dash 5k {2013}

What better way to start off the new year than with a 5k? Worked for me last year didn’t it?

This year I started it off with a friend, it was M’s 3rd race and her first timed one. I helped with motivation and pacing and on this course which is pretty much uphill turn around then down hill, she hit a few new PRs:

Fastest Mile: 12:44 (ever including training runs with me)

Fastest 5k: 41:20

I’m so stinking proud of Her! Not only did she achieve those 2 PRs but she also ran the first mile (which included the frist major incline) without stopping! We have been training to run 3/4 a mile and walk 1/4 a mile. I don’t think we walked a full 1/4 of a mile the whole time!

What a fun and COLD way to start the new year!

2 comments on “Polar Dash 5k {2013}

  1. Wow, it looks really cold where you are! Congrats on running another 5k! It’s great that you’re keeping up with all this running 🙂 I still remember when you first started training for the first 5k and now you’ve ran so many!

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