Slacker week

Remember a few weeks ago when I talked about it being the end of the year, the beginning of winter and I needed to Shake Things Up in the exercise world?  I didn’t and you know what? Its ok….It took me a while to accept that but it is. Because one of my biggest goals for exercise is to keep stress out of it. It is supposed to be my stress reliever not my stress causer.

Let me give you a run down of what I had on my plate last week:

  • Photo Editing: A Wedding from over a month ago that I need to wrap up, a paintball event and a life session all due ASAP
  • Family Christmas #1 was at our house on Saturday, low key just 10 people but still as everyone knows a lot of work. Cooking, cleaning, set-up everything takes time and then most of the cleaning you have to re-do!
  • I think I was fighting a cold all week I had some mild symptoms (stuffy nose, headaches and such) and that wore me out!
  • Full time job

Between work, photo editing and cleaning there just wasn’t time for me to hit the gym, or even run. It just would have added stress to my already busy schedule and during the Christmas season the last thing we all need is more stress. So I decided no, I wasn’t even going to try. You know what for that 1 week it was the perfect decision for me! Between that decision, some hard work and a lot of help from my hubby (see this post.) When Saturday morning rolled around I had a lot to do, but I knew it was possible. All the deep cleaning was done I just needed to pick up, wipe down the kitchen, vacuum, bake and prepare the prime rib and green bean casserole.

Did I feel lazy? Yes because for some reason house work doesn’t count in my brain, was I super overwhelmed and stressed out? NO! So it was worth it!

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