My Tuesday…

I don’t talk much about my daily life, but yesterday was a very confusing day of ups and downs and I decided it might help to get it out on ‘paper.’ 

So we started at work with bad roads and having to leave CrAzY early, I’m not even talking double I’m talking triple or more, so that was crazy. But I left early enough and work early enough that I made it time. So that was a good start….but then we were pretty busy all day and that is just exhausting….Not going to lie by lunch I was in a pretty bad mood. Over lunch when I had some time to rest my attitude got a little better and on my drive home I was in a decent mood. It helped that the roads were tons better.

Then once I got home I saw that the hubby had been busy cleaning all day! I mean just look at the bathroom:


He also tided the kitchen, found a new (bigger) box for our donation pile, and prepared everything for dinner! It was such a stress reliever, we have a family Christmas at our house on Saturday and lots to do before then. It was such a stress reliever I took an hour nap. Then I woke up and started working on picking up the dinning room and living room. About 15 min into that we realized we were out of bacon and needed it for dinner. We also realized the Prius needed gas so I took it out to the grocery store, then to the gas station….then no where. It wouldn’t start AT ALL. I’ve owned this thing since March of 2008 and honestly haven’t had a single problem. Last month the water pump went out but that is a wearable part and while I would have liked it to last longer the car is approaching 100,000 miles…. But never something like this. It wouldn’t start at all and I got this error message:


After a call to my brother (who also has a Prius) and some research I tried  a few things to no avail, so we had to jump it….I’ll leave out all the details but it took 2 times trying a lot of time in between and a low level of frustration from each of us….. about an hour later I left the gas station. I sent Mac home with the bacon to finish dinner and I drove around a bit to re-charge the battery. We called each other during that time and apologized which helped even though we both knew we weren’t mad at each other it was just the situation. It was still good to to hear it ya know?

Finally we both made it home ate ate one of our favorite soups ever! Zuppa Toscana, its a Olive Garden soup that we found the recipe for but I”ll warn you it all hinges on the flavor of the Italian sausage you use. We prefer Fareway Foods Italian sausage and will stock up when ever we go back to Iowa.  After a nice hot bowl of soup we watched a Mythbusters (and I edited pics) and then off to bed.

It was full of ups and downs but we made it through, together.

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