Staying healthy while traveling

Tonight after work I hop on a plane and I’m on a whirl wind trip to Salt Lake City. I’ll be arriving about 9 tonight and flying out about 36 hours later. I won’t have a rental car so stopping by a grocery store isn’t an option so here is my plan.

  • I’ve packed rice cakes both in my carry on and my checked luggage. That way if I become snacky I have a healthy option.
  • Remember the food groups, you can find a side of fruit most places and focus on getting veggies, protein and fruit. You might have options that hare higher in fat than you would make at home but sticking to the food groups is a lot better than a meal full of fried starch.
  • Don’t convince yourself french fries are a veggie….they are a startch. If you must do fast food do a burger with fruit!
  • Look for a smoothie stand and pick one without a lot of extras again focus on fruit and dairy if those are options.
  • Water, lots of it, planes and altitude changes mess with you so, bring an empty bottle thought security and fill it up!
  •  Be ready to spend a little more to eat healthy, this is where I fail I often cheap out and eat poorly because of it. Should be easier this trip since I’m on an expense account.
  • Don’t drink pop, as I said before water is a big deal when traveling and who needs the extra calories from pop when the rest of what you eat will be higher in calories than normal.
  • If you must have caffeine do coffee, less chemicals to mess with ya.
  • Bring your workout gear and hit the gym, who cares if its a short workout, better than sitting in your hotel room all night!


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