Simplicity Project {Purging the Green Way}

There are lots of things you can do with your ‘stuff’ as you get rid of and the very last choice should be the trash. In fact in my opinion the only things that should be thrown away should be broken and un-usable. So here are plenty of other options of ways to purge the green way.


Give to Friends- This is always my first step, friends come over I have a pile of ‘stuff’ and I tell them to dig through and take home anything they want.

Donate-Probably the easiest way to remove things from your house quickly, plus you get a tax donation.

Sell– If you have something worth some money, collectibles, fancy clothes or just name brand ones, children’s stuff, furniture, exercise equipment and the like try to sell it! Craigslist and Ebay are 2 good ways.

ReUse– Do you have a dress that you like the fabric but not the cut? Can you change it  or remake it into something else? Can bits and bobs become children’s art projects before they make it in to the trash? That collection of whine corks become a new push pin board.

Trash as little as possible

One thought on “Simplicity Project {Purging the Green Way}

  1. Great tips. I’m in the process of moving, and am trying to sort through things as I go. So far I’m up to 3 bags of things I can donate!

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