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Well I can’t deny it anymore winter is here and with it comes cold weather and the desire to hibernate. Running outside is more work because of all the layers that need to be worn and its just not as fun in the cold unless your in the right mood…. At the same time its hard to get in the habit of going to the gym again, it just seems like soo much more work….

Its time to shake things up, I’ve gathered a few challenges for you from around the interwebs that are all things you can do at home with no extra eqipment.

Push Up Challanges:

25 Days of Push ups– This isn’t a current challange but its explained very well and can be done on your own. Great one for th days leading up to Christmas if you want to start December 1st and a great gift to yourself.

100 Push up Challange– I know there is a current one out there but I can’t seem to find it. Again well discribed and can be done on your own easily. This one is only 5 min a day but it can continue for as many days as it takes to get you to 100.

Sit Up Challange:

200 Sit ups– This is a 6 week program to increase your sit up stamina, beginners may not make it all the way to 200 in 6 weeks but the amount they can do will increase greatly. Its step by step and has no guesswork it tells you what days, how many sit ups and how many reps. There is even a ‘test’ at the beginning to see which of the 3 plans you should use.

Burpee Challenge:

100 Day Burpee Challenge I can’t seem to find the original of this burpee challenge but it seems to be a popular one. However that being said it is 100 days long and is definitely a challenge.

Plank Challange:

4 Week Plank Challenge- 4 Weeks of timed planks 3 days a week, go!

 Have anymore good challenges I shoudl know about comment below and let me know I’ll add them to my list!

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