New in old out

This weekend I was down in Iowa visiting my parents and once there I realized the only flat shoes I had packed were my trail running shoes….that were now caked in mud from the 7 mile trail run I did first thing Saturday morning. I’ve been wanting a pair of Toms for quite a while and decided this was the day I was going to buy myself a pair. My mom reminded me that I was trying to simplify my life and have less ‘stuff’ around and I assured here that these would fill a need and I would get rid of plenty of other pairs of shoes.  So here they are my new Toms:


So even though I’m working on the green room and I don’t keep shoes in there I paused and went to our guest room where I do keep my shoes. I found 4 pairs and 1 sandal that I’ve been holding on to just in case I found its match, and they are all in the donate pile now.  I like this method 1 in many out.

The fact is the only ‘flat’ shoes I have are work flats and running shoes. Not all of my jeans are long enough for boots with heels. I do own another pair of nice flats but they are tan and I’ve NEVER worn them, so they were 1 pair out. Then also a pair of Roman style sandals the hubby hates and 2 pairs of flip flops that have been under the couch so long I forgot they existed….

Thanks Mom for keeping me accountable!

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