Race Recap: Living History Farms 7 Mile

This weekend I ran my first offical cross country run, according to the website its the “Largest Cross Country Race in North America!”

It was 7 miles of dirt, grass, feilds, hills, creeks and Muddy climbs, it was great, and exausting! The race used gun time (meaning they based your time on when the race officaly started not when you crossed the start line. That was a bit of a bummer but I understand the safty concerns with such a narrow start and 7,500 people. Based on that plus that fact that I was climing out of creeks, lots of hills and having to stop at points where the trail narrowed so much it became congested I’m pretty darn proud of my time!

Over all Rank: 614/6906

Age Group Rank:  105/616

Time: 1:22:37

See all of those people way down there behind us?

That is the muddy creek we just climbed out of in this picture.

This was a fun race and one I hope to do again, it sells out fast though so I’ll have to stay on top of it. Honestly the only thing I would like to see change would be timing the race based on chip time so that from year to year I can see if I improve, otherwise there is really no way to gage it.

One thought on “Race Recap: Living History Farms 7 Mile

  1. This is awesome! Way to go! I love the picture too. It sounds like such a fun race.

    Are you on dailymile by any chance? If not..join! It’s great for motivation. If you are…hook me up so we are friends on there and can motivate each other.

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