Holiday Phone Case

With November comes holiday season which for most of us is a pretty busy time. Its also a time when many of us are wanting to spread some Christmas cheer so I came up with a way to cover a not so ‘me’ phone case and make a holiday case all at the same time. Best part of this project is that you can make it as intricut or simple as you and and dont’ have to have a cutting machine to make it happen. Also you don’t need mass amounts of vinyl for this project you can use scraps for this one!

First head to your local store and find a clearance case:

Yep that should do. Next Trace out the shape of the case on the backside of your vinyl:

Now cut it out just INSIDE your traced line and use a corner rounder to make smooth rounded corners (redundant much?) Then slowly place it on your case, starting at the top and slowly rolling it down to eliminate any bubbles.

Then use other color cut outs to decorate, this is when you can either go crazy with fancy, detailed shapes from a cutting machine or stay pretty basic with strips or big shapes. I didn’t think of the stipe idea to later so here is what I came up with:


PS its hard to tell in the picture but the red and the green are metallic and the silver is well silver

Find more great vinyl craft Ideas at the Expressions Vinly Blog I post there on the first Monday of every month.


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