Cold running hints

Blah, well I live in Minnesota and the weather right now is proving that fall is here and winter is on its way, phew did we have a cold snap. Its on thing when it cools down gradually but when it drops 30+ degrees over night…yikes. Yeah, that plus the fact its getting darker faster makes running outside a little tricky. Here are some tips for you to stay safe and un-injured.


  • Wear the right stuff: Thermal tights, wool socks, sweat shirt or insulated running  jackets, gloves, head band and a face mask if necessary.
  • Stretch well before running (this is something I need to get better at)
  • Start slow, then build your speed as you muscles warm up (hey this is a great way to do negative splits!)
  • Be seen, if its getting dark make sure to have a few bright and reflective clothing items on
  • Sunglasses help, have a lightly tinted pair to keep the cold air out of your eyes.

That’s all I can think of do you guys have anything to add?


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