Simplicity Project {What I’m Not Doing}

So sometimes being green is about what you don’t do just as much as what you do.  One of the ways you can be the most green is by NOT buying stuff, and not encouraging the production of stuff with no purpose.  So with those things in mind and the Christmas season approaching I’ve made these decisions:

  • I didn’t sign up for the handmade gift exchange that I’ve done for the last few years. This made me sad because I love seeing other peoples amazing talents but  ultimately there is nothing I “need’ right now that I would receive.
  • I’m not signing up for giveaways. This one is hard I mean come one free stuff! But its just stuff that would clutter my house more and that is what I’m trying to avoid.
  • I’m attempting to not shop for myself between now and Christmas. If there is something I really want I can add it to my Christmas list (yep my parents still ask for one.) If after Christmas I still don’t have it I can re-evaluate then.

It sounds simple but these 3 things should really help prevent the stuff from  returning while I”m working so hard to clear it out of the house.


One thought on “Simplicity Project {What I’m Not Doing}

  1. We are working on clearing out our house too because we want as little as possible to pack up and move when we get our house. My Mom also asks for a Christmas list. =)

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