Exercise, its time to change it up.

Well the cold is rolling in and with that in Minnesota comes ice and snow, which means running outside on a trail will not always be possible….or smart. So its time to take my gym membership off freeze. This year it wasn’t that simple, in an effort to save some $$ (like $40 a month!) I’ve switched gyms! The biggest difference is in the ‘extras’ not the equipment and really the equipment is what matters in a gym right?

Now the problem with gym is running…I detest treadmills and really can’t do over 4-5 miles in a shot its just too boring. So its time to change it up. My goal for right now while I can still run outside pretty often is 1 class a week and 1 weights session a week at the gym and then 3 runs.  The truth is, I shouldn’t ONLY be running so I’m looking forward to this winter as a time to build myself up and make me stronger for next season.

I think the classes I’ll focus on this month are back strengthening/stretching to counter act all this running in the cold, pilates and yoga.  Then this winder as I run less I’ll do more aerobic type classes.

So what about you guys, are you starting to change your work out regimen?

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