Project Simplicity {The Bedroom, Final}

Hey Guys, well its the end of October and time to follow up with Project Simplicity this month  I was focusing on the bedroom you can see the start of the bedroom or keep reading to see how it ended up.

What is Project Simplicity?

I believe that unabashed commercialism is one of the biggest ways that we are hurting the environment.  I also desire a simpler life where I’m not constantly desiring more. Therefore I want to create a world with less: less clutter, stress, and wasted money.  In turn I will gain more time, sanity, and financial security.


In order to create the world I desire I need to cut down on the stuff in my life. Starting with what is in my house and then moving on to what I bring into my house. I believe its going to take a few steps to get where I want to be but for now this is what I’m thinking: purge and then re-evaluate monthly expenses,  all while making a plan for  new purchases. Also anything I can sell I’m going to keep the $$ and put it toward our truck. I’m also going to work on simplifying my time, cutting down on the busyness

Step one:  Purge

Each month I’m going to pick  a room and clear out everything extra, un-needed or un-used. First  I will pull out the ‘easy’ stuff, things  I know can be donated and never missed. Then I’m going to go back through everything and pull out the maybes things that I don’t use often but thing there might still be a need for. I’m going to pull them all and put them in a box for a month. If at the end of the month I can name something in the box I can keep it if not, it goes. This is not the first time I’ve gone through my clothes I’m normally too lenient, not this time hence the 2 part process.  If its just going to take up space and make life  more cluttered its gone.

This month: The Bedroom

I had a pretty busy month and pretty much did this in 3 days, purge one produced most of the stuff that I ended up donating. Last week I did one more sort through the room and found a few more things to donate check out my final pile:

  • 19 shirts
  • 1 skin suit (for water sports)
  • 1 dress
  • 2 pairs of pants
  • 4 sweaters
  • 1 pair shoes
  • 1 belt
  • Lots of jewelry

The Verdict

Honestly I think I still have too many clothes but that is for a few reasons, first off my work clothes DO NOT translate into the normal world clothes. My work requires dark solid clothes and I really don’t even use those for Church. Secondly there are only two of us and waiting till we have enough clothes to do a full load means we are out of a lot of clothing, so I still need stuff in the closet I can ware. Lastly I wear everything I left so I didn’t purge it but do I need to wear everything I have? Nah lets be honest I have my favorites and the rest are worn when the above laundry dilemma plays out.  Lastly this has a great benefit of getting your rooms organized, and hopefully the desire to keep them uncluttered. Check out my before (don’t judge me too much remember I was pretty much out of commission for 3 weeks prior to this weekend) and afters below.



My favorite part? Check out the shelves the are much less full and all the empty hangers!!!

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  1. We continue to work at this too. I really like josh backers books. My favorite thing he said (my paraphrase) is your home and belongings should show what is important to you and should NOT distract you from your goals.

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