Monster Dash 5k-9 2012

Well running season is winding down for me, I only have one more race planned for the year, and its getting a little chilly outside. That chill did not make this weekend any less fun.  This weekend was the Monster Dash 5k-9.

First of lets explain the k-9 part of that, its pretty simple really doggies ran it! They even got their own race bling, a reflective leash extender to keep them safe. All of the walkers, stroller pushers and dog runners had to start at the very end of the race but it was not only allowed it was encouraged!

Secondly this was the first race my friend M ran that she was concerned about her time (which is funny since it was an un-timed event.) So my trusty Garmin and I set out to pace her. The goal was under 45 min so we set out hoping to jog .75 of a mile and then walk .25 .

Posin Ivy, Wonder Woman and Underdog

We did it! I forgot to write down the splits so I”ll add them later  but it looked a little like this:

Mile 1: Jogged .75 Mile / Walked .25 Mile 

Mile 2: Jogged .75Mile (Slowed down for water stop) Walked .25 Mile

Mile 3.12: Jogged .50 Mile / Walked .25 Mile / Jogged .37 Mile

Final Time 42:55!!

I’m so proud of M, I know she didn’t train for this run really at all and she had high hopes. But even in the midst of a ‘slump’ workout wise she stayed in shape enough to run her best time yet.  I can’t wait till she switches over to my Gym and we can start working out together again.

M is hoping to do the whole race series next year and I would love to join her!



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