IMT 1/2 Marathon

Sunday I ran my 2nd 1/2 Marathon. The best part about this one? My Fans! I wish I had somehow gotten a picture of them cheering me on!  My parents were the crazies who came out early and posted up on mile 4/8 and waited it out. Then once I passed them at mile 8 they made their way to the Finish. My Parents weren’t the only ones at the finished my ‘little’ brother and his wife were there as well!! Best way to end a race ever.

So here is the run down:

  • 13.1 Miles
  • 2 Hours 11 Min 18 Sec
  • Ranked 2279 out of 4256 Overall
  • Ranked 1193 out of 2735 Females
  • 10:02 Min Mile Average
  • No Walking!!


Seeing my parents the first time at mile 4.


1st Race as a Sweat Pink Ambassador


Running “partner’ Bryan, we don’t actually run together but we race together!


This is the smile you get after 13.1 miles


Cooper wanted to see/eat my medal.

 Keep reading if you want the blow by blow

Well the first and really only bummer of the day was that my Garmin didn’t charge  the night before. Problem is that affected everything… I put it on the charger but I must have knocked it off 🙁  I didn’t realize it till JUST before the race started so there was nothing I could do.  So I quick changed the settings on my Nike+ so it will talk at me and away we go. It didn’t tell me current pace just average so unfortunately pacing myself was hard. I only had it announced every 1/4 mile. BUMMER

Splits went something like this but Nike thought I went 13.5 miles so they are off a little:

I was hoping to start at 9:55 for a few miles (like 6) and then start picking up speed from there. I suppose I could have stayed with the pace group but I lost the pacer  in the start. Ok Obviously she fell behind me but I didn’t relize that then and didn’t want to ‘waste time’ looking for them.

Miles 1-7  felt great, I knew  I was going a bit faster than intended so instead of picking it up there I decided to try and maintain.

Mile 3 Way to fast no matter what the actual time was that is 40ish seconds faster than any other mile..

Mile 8-11 not bad but I knew I was slowing down 🙁 I could have pushed more but  Iwas still hoping to have more for the last 2 miles

Mile 12 I started to feel sick to my stoumch this mile was all about pushing on and ignoring that wreching feeling. Its only the 2nd time ever I’ve felt ill on a run. (I’ve never actually gotten ill though.)

Mile 13- Yep I paced it dead wrong, I knew I was slow my goal was just not to walk.

Mile .1- knowing that my family was at the finish did help me pick it up just a little but not much . Crossing that line felt great!

So yeah I wish I had paced better but hey I was sick or traveling the 2.5 weeks before the race and didn’t get my last few training runs. Oh well Over all it was one of my favorite races. Nothing like seeing family along the run.

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