Thoughts on Thursdays {Disappointment}

This is a pre-planned post Mac hasn’t done anything 😉

It’s going to happen, someday your going to be disappointed by your spouse. Your going to come home and find they ate bon bon’s all day and tackled nothing that needed to be done. Your going to have amazing thought out plans and they are going to have to cancel because of work/the guys/whatever. Maybe the disappointment is no fault of theirs, they wanted to have that nice date with you but their mom got sick. Things happen, and disappointment will happen but as with everything else its all in how we deal with it.

Lets start with the easy one, when its not their fault. DON”T BLAME THEM. Its easy, I know but don’t do it. Take a breath step back from the situation and compose yourself. Chances are they are disappointed too.

Now if it is ‘their fault’ I think the same rules basically apply in general its best not to just say the first thing you think of when mad. Maybe its what you want to say but probably not how you want to say it. Take a moment even just 10 seconds before you start talking and make sure you know what is going to come out of your mouth. The last thing we need is to make a bad situation worse… Once you’ve talked move on, see if there is a way you can resolve the issue (if its a scheduling problem or something) but if there isn’t move on. Re-hashing and not forgiving just make everything worse.

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