Pre Race Jitters

Well guys my second 1/2 marathon is this Sunday and I’m full of butterfly’s. It all started last week when I got sick and couldn’t run until yesterday….Last week was supposed to be my last high mileage week but no…guess not.  Then with some further research I’ve learned that although my protein shake hammer gel combo works for me its not nearly enough for me to eat before a run of this distance….but do I change my routine this late in the game? Eek! I know its pretty obvious what I was eating wasn’t enough but it worked for me so I just didn’t worry about it but now I haven’t had a chance to try any other way….

So to calm myself a little I did a few things first I took a look at the elevation map

 dmm half elevation

According to the race website, it is considered flat…which is nice compared to my normal route:

Next  I checked through t the race website to learn a few things like, start point, where to park, when/where to pick up race packets, If there were pace teams? (yes!)  do they allow headphones? (yes!) do they have a way for friends and family to track me? (yes!)

Lastly  I posted up on the Sweat Pink Ambassadors board and asked some questions about what I should run this week, and I got some great answers. In fact I think I found a run advisor, fun!

So all in all, I wish I could have ran last week, but I”m still feeling pretty confident I know I trained well and should be ok.  here is the plan:

  • Monday-Ran 4 miles at a 9:30 something pace
  • Thursday- Run 3 miles EZ
  • Friday- Run/Walk 2 miles (because I’m going to be sitting at work or in a car all day)
  • All week- Get plenty of sleep/fluids, no pop after Tuesday night. Eat as healthy as possible.
  • Friday/Saturday drink LOTS of water
  • Saturday get to bed on time and packet pick up.

One thought on “Pre Race Jitters

  1. I think as long as you trust your training, you’ll do fine! For my half I was out with an injury so couldn’t really train 3 weeks before it. I ended up running, and I was glad I did!

    I saw that you’ve run a few Team Ortho races: how’d you like them? I’d like to get involved in a race series next year, and was debating either Team Ortho’s or Anderson’s

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