Thoughts on Thursday- Working Together

I’ve mentioned it before, but after a photography event like the one we just did in Vegas for the NPPL World Championship of Paintball, life gets busy.  Mac has to take over many of the house hold duties I normally do so that I can devote my extra time into photo editing.

But working together means more than just in those extraordinary times its in the everyday things as well. These days with the norm being both adults in the house working, kids, school and the house life is just plain busy and if all the house hold things were left to one person it would be overwhelming to say the least.  Make sure you working together using each others strengths to your advantage, if you both can cook switch off days, if one of you likes to mow let them, if the other hates laundry and you don’t mind it go for it. It doesn’t matter if its the “mans job” to mow or the “woman’s job” to cook and clean. These days we just need to work together to make sure it all happens.

And now on to a few of those paintball pics from this weekend 😉HandSplat


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