Thanksgiving Subway Art

I did a project like this over a year ago, but I figure some of you are new AND I think this one has a fun personal twist. Thanksgiving is still a little way out but I wanted to give you time to make this and have it on display!

  • First thing to do is make a list of things you are thankful for. You can see my list below, try to stick to single words not phrases and have at least 20-25 words of varying lengths.

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  • Next get collect whatever colors of vinyl you want to use for your project. I choose outdoor vinyl so I could place the tile by our front door.


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  • I use the Gypsy to fill up one full 6×12 template with words in different fonts and sizes. Also in the gaps where you can’t fit words place symbols and shapes that you can use to fill in gaps. I don’t do any measuring for the first one I just fit in as much as possible.

(This image is from my Christmas tile I forgot to take this pic…)

  • Then weed (remove excess vinyl around the edges and in-between) your vinyl and place a full sheet of transfer tape over top. When you peel up the tape the vinyl will peel off the backing (at least it does for me.) I place it back on the backing paper and then cut it apart into the different words and symbols making ‘stickers.’ I use pressure 2 speed 1 and blade depth 2 to keep it from cutting through the backing.

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  • Start laying it out on your tile (or whatever medium you are using.) Then simply rub on the ‘stickers’ you made with the transfer tape.
  • Now do it again, with your next sheet of vinyl but this time start measuring the gaps and make sure you have a place for each word you cut out. Consider doing 1/2 and 1/2 of colors to make sure you mix them up. I didn’t measure anything too precicly I just knew nothing over 5.5 inches and such and then cut.
  • Lastly remove the backing and adhere everything!


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