Project Simplicity {The Bedroom}

Allrighty everyone here we go a new project/challange for Life Love Green. Last week I talked about Project 333 and how I wanted to do something similar but couldn’t go down quite that far. So I decided to make my own project, Project Simplicity:

What is Project Simplicity?

I believe that unabashed commercialism is one of the biggest ways that we are hurting the environment.  I also desire a simpler life where I’m not constantly desiring more. Therefore I want to create a world with less, less clutter, stress, and wasted money.  In turn I will gain more time, sanity, and financial security.


In order to create the world I desire I need to cut down on the stuff in my life. Starting with what is in my house and then moving on to what I bring into my house. I believe its going to take a few steps to get where I want to be but for how this is what I”m thinking: purge and then re-evaluate monthly expenses,  all while making a plan for  new purchases. Also anything I can sell I’m going to keep the $$ and put it toward our truck. I’m also going to work on simplifying my time, cutting down on the busyness

Step one:  Purge 

Each month I’m going to pick  a room and clear out everything extra, un-needed or un used. First  I will pull out the ‘easy’ stuff, things  I know can be donated and never missed. Then I’m going to go back through everything and pull out the maybes things that I don’t use often but thing there might still be a need for. I’m going to pull them all and put them in a box for a month. If at the end of the month I can name something in the box I can keep it if not, it goes. This is not the first time I’ve gone through my clothes I’m normally too lenient, not this time hence the 2 part process.  If its just going to take up space and make this more cluttered its gone.

This month: The Bedroom

Well I’ve completed the first part, I’ve gone through my closet, my drawers and my jewelry box and pulled out all the ‘easy’ stuff.  The pictures below represent what is being donated later this month:Jewelry PurgeClothesPile1

This isn’t the whole pile its about double that.

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I feel like I’m always looking in my closet and thinking, “when was the last time you wore this Abby??” – there are just so many things that I don’t need… I may have to follow your lead and begin the purging process as well! 🙂

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