How to run a negative split


Last week I filled you all in on a little something I was excited about….negative splits. Ok if your not a runner just stop now I’m going to bore you. Are all of you non-runners gone? Here we go.


Saturday I ran 12 miles as a trainer for my October 1/2 marathon. My goal was pretty simple negative splits and a time averaging under 9:57 per mile (since my only real goal for this race is to beat my time.)  I realized to late that my GPS was about to die but it made it to the 1/2 way point so I knew accurately where to turn around and then I could just let Nike+ do the timing for me. I don’t trust Nike+ for accurate mileage its incredibly inconsistent for me but I use it for exactly this reason, a back up.


Anyway I know these splits aren’t correct  BUT they do accurately show if I slowed down or increased my pace mile to mile and I’m pretty excited that after mile 6 I did in fact increase my pace each mile!! This is exactly what I want to see all green after the 1/2 way point, ok I did have one slower mile but hey I’m just starting.

So how can you start practicing negative splits? Here are a few ideas for you:

With a GPS watch/phone program

  • Start yourself a little slower than your average pace and hold their or a little under for the first 1/2 of your run. Then for the second 1/2 gradually pick up pace till your done.
  • Break your run up in sections and make each one have a target pace range that gets slower each group ie for a 1/2 marathon first 4 miles between 9:55-10:05  Next 4 between 9:50-10:00 Next 5  take it down about 5 seconds each mile.

Without GPS

  • Run an out and back and have the ‘out’ part be on a gradual incline, by default when you turn back you will be going faster down hill.
  • If you don’t have a stead incline try just intentionally running slower on you way out and then pick it up on your way back (better for shorter runs.)
  • If you have a looped path do the same as the above out and back slower the first time around and slower the second time.

The without a GPS hints are  from Fit Sugar

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