Husband Challange Linky Party {Cooking}

 What is it?

This world is struggling with marriage, divorce rates are high and negativity is rampid. Once a month I would like all of us to take time to recognize one thing, just one thing, we love about our spouse/fiance/boyfriend, whatever!

What I love about Mac this month is his cooking.

 I know at first this might seem like a cop-out but hold on a second and see why. Mac cooking allows me to do a lot of things. For example Tuesdays I work and he doesn’t, so on Tuesdays he is in charge of dinner. This allowes me to come home and relax or take care of other things that need to be done instead of thinking about dinner all the time.  There are nights where I have to choose between running or getting some of my photo editing work done, most of those nights Mac takes over cooking duty so I can do both. He understands that running is what helps me keep my sanity during the hours of  sitting at a desk at work and then more hours sitting while editing at home. This kind of practical hands on support in helping me do the things I enjoy is great…I wonder if I do the same for him?

PS Mac we are having chicken wrapped asparagus and cheddar tonight so if you beat me home take out some chicken breasts 😉

How do I join?

Hey guys the linky party is going to be a little different from now on. I’m not impressed with the free linky codes anymore and I have so few participants its not worth paying for a better one. However  I still want to keep this going and encourage you all to link up and strengthen our marriages by looking for the positives.  So if you have a blog post or just want to share something you love about your spouse leave it in the comments section below, can’t wait to read them!!

If you do have a blog don’t forget to use the button above in your post to help spread the word.

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