Project 333

Have you heard of project 333? It is based on the idea that less is more…way less. I’m always trying to find ways to eliminate extra stressors in my life and lets face it stuff is work, you have to keep it clean, put it away, and keep it organized. Stuff is money, money is a major stressor for most people so why do we put ourselves into the cycle of buying ‘stuff’ when its only going to stress us out when the bills come around. Stuff is just stuff,  how much of the stuff that we have around the house do we actually need, what do we actually use?

This project is to challange all of that and pair down your closet to 33 items you actually ware. First of lets list the things that you can keep and aren’t included  in your count (taken right fromthe project 333) wedding ring or another sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear,  and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout.)

Now lets be real, I can’t do this. My work life (sign language interpreter and sports photographer) clothes do not mix with my day to day clothes and honestly they dont’ mix with my nice clothes for dates and Church (interpreter clothes are dark, solid and boring and I ONLY use them for work.) But I can have less, quite a bit less I think. I have work clothes that I never use,  normal clothes that just sit in my closet and are only worn if I really need to do laundry.

So how am I going to start pairing down?  Tomorrow (Thursday) I’m going to go to my closet and pull out everything I know I wear often. Then I’m going to look at whats left if its not a heavy winter thing or 1 or 2 special going out things. Then its going in a bin,  for lets say 1 month. If I can’t tell you whats in the bin and why I need it by the end of that then its all getting donated!

I’m going to start with the bed room and move on to the other rooms of my house month by month. Anyone want to join me in cutting out the stuff in your life? If so please comment below and come back next week for a formal challenge.

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  1. Good post! Hubby and I are working on getting rid of extra stuff too (especially since we hope to get a house in the spring). Also I have 3 bags of clothes going to a swap so I can get clothes that actually fit me!

  2. Interesting idea! I’m all for trying it out but I need to make time to actually get this thing started. For me, the biggest offender in our home is Ellie. She’s got too many toys and a lot of clothes. Though to be truthful, she goes through clothing pretty fast since she’s always outgrowing them. But the toys….that’s definitely one thing that needs a cleaning 🙂

  3. I love your project 333! I think this is a great idea I am a mom of 3 and moving within th enext month into a tighter living space. Not only do my girls all have thier own thiings that take up all the room i have but I have been saying it for too long that i am thinning out my closet. I think 33 is a great number for my clothes my work/student/date clothes seem to be of the same considering anything else is mom clothes (aka Ordinary and non professional). I think throwing out the things i have no reason to keep after two weeks is good enough for me i know even my Need to do laundry clothes still leave alot behind collecting dust in my closet. I found a few items with tags on them but were discolored with dust stains from the hangers in my closet. never worn and yet ruined. I dont see any reason why i kept them for so long when i did dish them out they were no good. No reason to keep good items from waste in someone else’s closet. Thanks this is a great project and i am working on my room first and even with my hand me downs for the younger ones keeping those to a min is best too. Thanks Really was a big help and great idea. Good results and saves me space.

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