Thoughts on Thursday: Routine

They say that there is nothing worse in a marriage that ‘routine’ that it stifles your relationship and all of that. Personally I like it, I enjoy the comfort of knowing whats going on. However I guess if I really think about it our routine changes pretty often depending on if its a photo editing week or not. But I like knowing that in general Mac is in charge of dinner on Tuesdays I figure it out Wed-Friday and Sat-Monday we figure it out together. I like being able to count on Mac to wash our laundry and then we both procrastinate and fold it together watching TV when we have too many clean baskets to deal with… I like having a run schedule and sticking with it. That dependability is really important to me. My life wasn’t always so dependable and its nice that it is now.

HOWEVER I need to make sure that I’m not so focused on my routine that I’m not willing to change things up, have a little fun and go out on a date. Sometimes I’m such a homebody I’m sure I make Mac crazy, well I know I do.

So I say enjoy your routine and the stability you feel with it but don’t be afraid to live a little.

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