Green in the news #8

Anyway once a month I try to gather a few ‘green’ news items that are interesting to me or I have an opinion on and share them with you. Then I add a little of my own commentary. 

American Airlines Replacing Flight Manuals with iPads

American Airlines’ (AAMRQ) pilots are going to be very happy to hear that the Federal Aviation Administration has green-lit the replacement of their 35 pound paper reference manuals with Apple (AAPL) iPads ”in all phases of flight,” making it the first and only tablet to be approved for in-cockpit use so far. According to TheNextWeb, the switch to using iPads will save American Airlines $1.2 million of fuel costs annually.

By Raymond Wong BGR News

My Thoughts

This is cool I don’t know about how much greener an iPad is vs 35lbs of paper the production value of them both plus the electricity  need for the iPad might be the same or worse. HOWEVER the fuel savings is insane!! Really 1.2 Million dollars annually that is crazy! Go for it guys!

The Sky is the Limit for Wind Power

“Wind turbines on land and offshore could readily provide more than four times the power that the world as a whole currently uses. Throw in kites or robot aircraft generating electricity from sky-high winds and the world could physically extract roughly 100 times more power than presently employed—and the climatic consequences remain minimal…”

By David Biello for Scintific American

My Thoughts:

Read this article, it is interesting. I knew that wind mils were power full but two things I didn’t know is that they could affect weather patterns (duh) and that they had the potential to power the world…. wow.






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