The Great Cupcake Race!

 Last week I ran my first virtual race, and while I physically ran it alone I had 2 girls sign up to run ‘with me.’ This I learned is one of the best parts about virtual races is that any one in different locations or at different levels can run ‘together.’ 

Check out Lori, she is a new blogger at Journey to Fit and Healthy and well she lives in Canada, so chances are we aren’t going to be getting together for a run anytime soon…. but we did!!! Lori Ran the Cupcake race with me and it was her first 5k ever!!! Whoop Whoop!  Talk about an un-intimidating way to do your first one check her out:

Lori~ 52:54

 Then There is my friend Jackie she actually lives just up the road from me, however we are at different places in our running. So we decided to run separately and then meet after for coffee and cupcakes! Jackie has made HUGE strides in her health goals, at one time her doctor told her she could only walk but now she is walking and jogging intervals! WTG Jackie!! 

Jackie ~ 41:40

Then there is me, this event hit during the 2 weeks after a paintball event. Which if you know me means all I do is edit pictures so making time to drive to an event, get their early, check in, line up and wait for a start…..well there wouldn’t be time for that. But turning one of my training runs into a race? No problem, I loved the challenge its just what I needed to light a fire under me. I ran a route record!!

Me ~ 27:36

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