Green Clean – Window Cleaner {Review}

First of all I want to let you know that I wrote this a LONG time ago and some how it never got published. I was talking with RaeAnn (the wonderful lady who sent me the sample) last night and found the old post was set to publish in 2013!! Oops, but that is n’t the only mistake I made in this post (as you will se in the very 1st post) rookie mistakes….

Today in the mail I got a very exciting teeny tiny package. I was so excited I ripped it right open,  made it and threw away the wrapper long before I thoug habout photographing it for you all…oops! So what is this exciting little thing?!?! Glass cleaner! Bet you wern’t expecting that were you? But thanks to the wonders of the internet I found you a picture.

Post image for EnviroCare Glass Cleaner Concentrate

So why am I so excited? Well its pretty simple its that little “Green Seal Certified” logo right there. I’ve been slowly making th switch over to green cleaners as I run out of my normal stuff. This is the first green window cleaner and I must say I’m impressed!  First off it comes in concentrated form, that means less packaging and less waste I can use my own spray bottle over and over again! Secondly it works like a dream. No streaks less scrubbing than with just plain vinigar and the smell wasn’t headache inducing….a common problem for me and one of the reasons I started this whole change.

Want to see how good it works? Well I just cleaned my mirrors last week, but lucky for you I use them as a last minute packing list for the morning of trips and that needed to be cleaned off. Mirrors are hard to photograph but here you go: ( This is where the current Amber stepped in again umm that picture was terriable, but this is still the cleaner I use so here is a current shot after a vinyl project so this stuff cleaned off lots of finger prints!)

Quick Mirror Decor

For this or any other green cleaners check out RaeAnns website at Green Cleaning Products LLC, she also has some great informational posts of her own over there. There are a lot of green cleaning products out there I encourage you to do a little research of your own and find whats best for you.

Now back to the present time

RaeAnn called me last night to let me know about a FREE webinar coming up on Sept 11th from 2-3PM MST on the topic of ” True Green Clean: Systematically Healthy Cleaning” Unfortunetly for me that is smack in the middle of my work day. But the good news for you is that anyone can attend from anywhere with an internet connection. Here is the summery

This presentation provides an overview of successful implementation of green cleaning programs in non-residential spaces. Participants will explore both the standard and green common practices of maintenance in buildings, methods of implementation, and the extent that “green” cleaning has addressed issues of indoor air quality and building health.

While this training is aimed towards commercial users the information is still vaild on the small scale, just needs to be cut down a bit, litteraly.  For more information on the training head on over to its informational page.


I was provided with the product for free, but as you can see from the MASSIVE delay in my post a review wasn’t required. The opinions in this post are purly my own.



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