Back to training?

I was so excited for this week…life was supposed to slow down, photo editing wrap up and 1/2 marathon training was going to start up again! I’m only 7 weeks out but mostly I’ve been keeping up with my long runs so that didn’t worry me…until now 🙁

I’m sick, the photos are only 1/2  done and I possibly have another event this weekend. Oh also Today specifically I left my computer at home so I can’t do any photo work over breaks and I have a night out with a friend tonight that I REALLY need to do….

Ish, I’m not sure what to do I’m SUPER bummed.  The training plan that worked so well for me last time is a 10 week plan however it only started with a 5 mile long run…not my long run anymore so I was going to just start, at week 4.. I’m not sure that is going to happen anymore 🙁 I suppose I could start at week 5 The long run there is only 8 which I know I can do and its only 4 days a week instead of my normal (well not so normal the last 3 weeks) 5 days a week. Ish this is all just falling apart.

Any runners out there have some advice for me? I wish I had planned this better but then again this photo trip would have still happened, so not sure there is much I could have done 🙁

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