My Fitness “Ah-Ha Moment.”

A few weeks ago I was a guest poster on the FitApproach Blog to share my “Ah-Ha Moment” when my heath/fitness really became important to me. I know not all of you saw that so I thought I would share it here with you!

I’m not sure exactly when my  “Ah Ha Moment” was but I do know exactly what it was. My pants didn’t fit….and there was no reason. As I tell people when they ask

” There was no reason for me to out grow my pants I’m in my *ahem* upper 20’s, I’m not pregnant, and have no major health concerns.”

That was my “Ah-Ha Moment” nothing major (praise the Lord.) I was just fed up. I had bought a few pairs of pants that were a size larger but I refused to buy a whole new wardrobe for something that is completly in my control.

I joined a meal tracking website and a gym, both with great encouragment from a friend who had herself recently started losing some weight and was looking good. Having a friend at work (where it is so easy to snack) was a HUGE help.) That is one of the main reasons I wanted to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador I know how much support helps.

Since August of 2011 I’ve:

  • Lost 24lbs
  • Changed my BMI went from 25.8 (just into the Overweight catagory) down to a 21.9!!
  • Went from run/walking 1.5 miles to completing a 1/2 Marathon in 2:10:16
  • Did 1 fun run last year so far have done 4 races 2 fun runs and 1 relay.
  • No longer use anxiety meds
  • Fit in my ‘normal’ pants and my ‘fat pants’ are to big.

It wasn’t fast I didn’t do anything drastic but in my opinion that is the best way that is how it sticks. I cut calories, ate less processed food, got of my butt and had friends hold me accountable.

How about you, what was your “Ah-Ha Moment?” Not just for weight loss but for fitness in general?



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  1. Good job, Amber! You are truly an inspiration 🙂 I may be pregnant but seeing how well you’ve done with being healthy has inspired me to be even healthier now!

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