Husband Challenge Linky {Always Learning}

Welcome to the Husband Challenge Linky Party!

What is it?

This world is sruggling with marriage, divorce rates are high and negativity is rampid. Once a month I would like all of us to take time to recognize one thing, just one thing, we love about our spouse/fiance/boyfriend, whatever!

How do I join?

Just write a post on your blog about what you appreciate about your husband/fiance/heck even boy-friend. Then come back here and copy and paste the link to your post into the form below (very bottom of the post.) If you don’t have a blog that’s cool, leave a comment and let me know the same thing! Oh and here is the button to add to your posts, The link is below it I can’t get the text box to work right now :( (nope still can’t figure it out for the life of me.)

Life Love Green

What I love about Mac this month is that he is always learning.

We all know that you don’t stop learning when you graduate, in fact you never start learning. But Mac is trying to learn new things, intentionally looking for ways he can improve something. Whether its learning something new he think will help at work, or trying to figure me out a little more to improve our marriage he is always learning. He also applies this to fun things too. We have plans to go backpacking for the first time this weekend just a short 2 night trip but he wants to know all about it.  He just always wants to learn. I don’t think its really a conscious things he pursues, I’m sure if you asked him he would have no idea what I”m talking about, but its true.

I love how this affects our marriage, He won’t accept complacency and you know what neither will I. There will always be something we can learn about each other or ourselves to improve our marriage.

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