My #1 Traveling Green Tip

I travel a fair amount probably a decent road or plane trip every other month or so and there fore I’ve talked about traveling green a few times. You can see some of my previous hints on this traveling green post or this flying green post.

Shampoo and Body Bar Soap

This is their Lavender Buttermilk Bar Pic is from their site.

FYI I am linking up to where I buy my soap but I would highly suggest you look for someone local you can support. If  you can’t find anyone then order from these guys they are great!

I normally travel with a neutral scent (so the hubby can use it too) like their Wheat and Honey Almond or Honey and Hops and use it for everything, shampoo, body soap, even to wash our shirts and such on paintball trips! Its not recommended as a laundry soap bar (but maybe they just never thought of it) but for quick washes in a hotel shower it works great.

As I stated in yesterdays couponing post I try to avoid buying travel sized anything if possible, this one bar eliminates the need to purchase travel sized of any sort of soap for my trip! plus if you let the bar dry properly between uses it lasts forever! Ok not forever but a really long time.

So there you have it my #1 green traveling tip a bar of soap.

is a bar of soap!

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