The Great Cupcake Race

I’m excited to announce my first Sweat Pink ‘event.’

I’m using the term event loosely since I have a crazy busy month but I would really like to get people involved!

Run Find Your Happy Pace and Running In Sanity are teaming up to raise some money for Team in Training. How? With “The Great Cupcake Race” its a Virtual race and all of the proceeds go to their fundraising efforts.

Virtual Race?!?

Yep I know it sounds weird and it is a little weird, its not a big event with a start and a finish line, its a personal run that you commit to on or around Sept 8th. You can choose either a 5k or a 10k and run it like your going for a PR. The best part is you still get the bling! You can choose either the race only and get the medal ($20) or you can sign up for the race and the “will run for Cupcakes” Bondi Band($27.)

So I would like to encourage you to participate! Since I’m running this one near my home I’m only inviting those I know in ‘real life’ to run it with me, on Friday night Sept 7th. But I would love for you guys to sign up on line and run it as well. Then we can all get together Friday night on Life, Love, Green’s Facebook page and chat it up and eat cupcakes!

Want to join in?

There are 2 ways:

1. If you know me, live near me and have Friday Sept 7th open in the evening email me at lifelovegreen @ gmail . com  and we will get together and run. Don’t forget to sign up online or you won’t get your medal.

2. If  you don’t know me personally, can’t run that night, or live to far away. First Sign-up online then join in on Facebook! Just like Life, Love, Green and leave a comment that you want to do the Cupcake Run and I’ll add you to the invite list for the event online. Then when you complete your time come on line post pictures, your time and anything else!

There will even be prizes from me on top of the already cool cupcake medal. Haven’t decided the catagories yet but I’m thinking 1st to sign up and most improved PR… but that not set in stone.


 Keep your eyes peeled for a list of upcoming races on the sidebar ->


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  1. You are amazing, Amber! I’ve been reading some of your posts from over the summer and you have accomplished so much in the running department! Way to go! I’m glad you started and stuck to running because you look great and you soundalike you are really having a lot of fun doing it too 🙂

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