Green food storage

I have a ‘greenie’ problem at work and I need your help to figure out waht I should do.

Part 1 of my problem is this, where I work has a nice kitchen for us to warm up food but no dinner ware (plates, cups, silverware, etc.)  We have paper, blah 🙁

Part 2 of my problem is that tupperware has a way of becoming lost and my supplies are starting to dwindle.

So therein lies the question, I need to replace my supplies, do I do it with glass or with the same thing I have now?

Pros: Glass is sustainable, supposedly better for microwaving and durable.

Cons: Much more expensive, heavy, if I lose them it costs more again!

 Pros: Cheap! Microwavable (but safe?) Easy to find

Cons: Is it safe to microwave? Stain and become grungy easy meh.


So I’m looking for opinions Cost is about $2.00 for a plastic and $6.00 for the glass its quite a bit more expensive 🙁  But if the rumors are true about microwaving in plastic, even BPA free plastic its probably worth it. Opinions?

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  1. So funny because we just had this debate! We bought 2 square, 2 in 1 rectangle (had a small and large one) and a soup bowl. Those alone set us back about $30! We just agreed its worth it for the piece o mind. We will slowly build up our arsenal by adding a new piece every 2-3 weeks when we grocery shop. We will keep some of the nicer plastic ones we have for cold storage only and use the glass ones with anything that has to be heated up! They really don’t feel tha much heavier and because less people use glass, they don’t get mixed up with other peoples plastic.

  2. I vote for glass. Yes, it’s heavier and more expensive BUT also recyclable and (depending who you ask) safer. I love Mason jars — they’re great for anything! Soups, salads, etc. Check out for some great recipes and instructions on how to pack the salad to keep it fresh.

    Mason jars are available lots of places. If you can find a 40% off craft store coupon, you can get a dozen jars for less than $15.

  3. My dad uses these nice ceramic ones that he picked up at a Japanese market. They’re pretty cheap, like $5 for 2 and they look pretty nice and sturdy. He loves using them and doesn’t mind the weight. I imagine the glass ones are the same too. I personally use plastic bento boxes that they sell here. They’re easy to clean and don’t weight much. I think they are sturdier that the usual Tupperware too. The one I use came in a set that includes a nice warming bag, 2 containers for rice and a side dish and another for soup.

    I say try a glass one and see if you like using them. If you prefer the plastic type instead, you can always save the glass container and use it around the house so it doesn’t go to waste.

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