Thoughts on Thursday: Sick :(

Monday night I decided to have a very quick round of a fever. I don’t know if it was a cold, my body just fighting off an infection or what but it was extremely uncomfortable.

It started with a hot flash while we were watching the Olympics, not cool. Then I had headache, lets just I wasn’t in a great mood. That is when Mac stepped in, a quick rub of the back, and some ice water. It was great. Then on our way to bed he had me take Tylenol to help the fever and then he moved the fan into the window to help cool the room faster and brought me ice packs to sleep on.

Nothing major all simple things but when I wasn’t feeling good those little things helped sooo much!

Lucky for me it was quick I slept in for a few hours the next morning missing a little work and then made it in time for a training. My fever broke and I haven’t had a hot flash since, yea! Hot flashes suck I’m not looking forward to menopause.

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