Husband Challenge Linky #9 {Strength}

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Life Love Green

What I love about Mac this month is the strength he provides.

Monday night/Tuesday morning was HARD, I was crazy emotional. The weird thing is, there really wasn’t a good reason.  Lots of small things but nothing too crazy. Still there I was down in the dumps crying at Children’s Miracle commercials and wanting to just stay in bed and skip work.

But while I was just sitting there crying  Mac, held me and it got better, and then the next morning when I didn’t even want to get up I remembered the last time this happened when he told me that “you can do it, just try, go to work give it a shot and if you can’t then come home.” (or something similar to that.) So I did and low and behold just like last time after a blah hour or two I was just fine.

Mac’s strength and encouragement are great, he will tell you that most of the time he doesn’t know what to say, and while sometimes I wish he had magic words to make me feel better I know that’s not really possible. Plus 99% of the time just his arm around me or knowing that he is listing is all I need.

Some days I struggle,  I’ve had some hard things happen and I struggle with anxiety and depression from time to time. But I know that Mac will always be there to hold me when I need him, and I love him so much for that.



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