Would you pay more for green or natural?

These days money is tight, for almost everyone. We have all heard the phrase ‘ Not in this economy” one to many times. However, I’m starting to re-evaluate what I would spend more on to be green or natural.

Monday when Mac and I were food shopping we discussed a few things we wanted to buy natural if it wasn’t ‘crazy expensive.’ The top of our list was eggs and chicken. We didn’t go full organic but we did go with hormone free no additives chicken and hormone free, vegetarian feed, free range eggs. The chicken was on sale so it was the same price as normal but a 1/2 lb less that was pretty easy to swallow. The eggs were harder first of we wanted grass fed not grain fed but we couldn’t find any 🙁 bummer. Then the ones we did find were $3.10 more that their counter part. We decided to go for it though, we are trying to eat more at home so in the end if we cut out some restaurants then we still come out ahead.

We are going to build up in stages buying better food, as we eat out less we will be able to afford more natural and organic food items. Most of the time I already use greener/natural cleaning supplies so that won’t be a big change.

How about you would you pay more for green/natural foods and cleaners?

One thought on “Would you pay more for green or natural?

  1. Definitely. There are certain items where I will not compromise about whether or not to get it if it costs more. Other items I have decided that I do not like the chemicals and will look up alternative methods with entirely different ingredients. Usually this happens to be cheaper, too. For example, my bath tub is white and fills up with grit fairly easy and then it’s super hard to scrub off. I refuse to buy bleach or other heavy chemicals to work at it. Instead, I heated up white vinegar, put some soap and mixed it in a spray container. I also put on baking soda. I let it all soak for an hour or more and it was so easy to clean off and the bath tub now works great again. There are other examples too…I need to head out the door now, though.

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