Torchlight 5k 2012

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I’m not sure what to say, I’m so excited! I PR’d, now granted with how few runs I’ve done each one should be getting faster but with all the humid/hot runs and the varying distances of my races I wasn’t sure. 

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The race started like every other, waiting in line for the porta potty. Lol, I know its silly but this is part of my pre-race ritual so I decided to include it.

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We’re off, I alwasy start ‘too fast’ I’m pumped up and trying not to let too many people pass me ya know? Well this time it felt different, I wasn’t really pushing it to hard, I was just running and it felt great. This race is the start of a parade actually so there were TONS of people cheering us all on.

Done and giddy why? Well according to Garmin I set a PR and then I got this little e-mail:

Torchlight '12 Results

I shaved 1:33 off my last 5k!  So yeah it was a great night!


In other news I’m a Sweat Pink Ambassador, but more on that next week 😉

Fit Approach Sweat Pink Ambassador Badge


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