Quick Personalized Awards Display

 I’ve gotten in to running lately (if you haven’t noticed) and with that comes some very fun finishers medals. I was displaying them on our piano but that just wasn’t a good fit. I decided to make a little something to hang them on in my office. I simply picked up a small curtain rod and piece of oak from my local Menards and got to work. After deciding what I wanted it to say I used my Cricut and some vinyl to cut it out.

 I decided to use two different kinds of vinyl for my phrase the normal Lime/Tree Green and the Polka Dot Lime/Tree Green. Since I was using my Cricut to save time I was able to cut the plain vinyl on the top line and the patterned vinyl on the bottom and then cut it all at once.

After centering the phrase on the board I attached the curtain rod and that was it. Quick, simple, done. This could easily be personalized with your favorite phrase, sport, childs name or whatever!

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