3 years of marriage!

3 years ago today I was getting ready for our wedding, excited and to be honest a little nervous. But hey what Bride isn’t? Most of all I was ready, ready to start a new life, ready to take on the challenges that came and ready to see what God had in store for Mac and I.

It was a great day, as far as I can remember, everything about it was perfect. I’m sure there are some little things here and there I’m not remembering but ahh who cares. I remember the little jokes and commentary Mac and his Dad had during the message (which his Dad gave.) I remember our Groomsmen all pulling disposable cameras out of their pockets and going “paparazi’ on us during the first kiss. I remember grinning so much while greeting people at the reception that both of our cheeks hurt, I remember having 2 dads giving me away, it was a great day!

It hasn’t always been perfect, we have had our bumps a few disagreements. We have had to learn about living with each other and our expectations and I feel like we have come through it all better stronger and ready for the next 50 years. But  for now 3, a big accomplishment these days.  In the past 3 years we  have:


Sepia Cruise w/NandK





Played Together


Watched LOTS of Hockey


Got a Puppy (Cooper)


Had new family pictures taken


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